Paul’s Bio

Paul Jantzi’s training began in 1977 in San Francisco at the LOMI School that integrated Western psychological disciplines and traditional Eastern practices. The curriculum focused on providing a therapeutic modality that promoted physical vitality and mental clarity—which also integrated movement, meditation, and Hatha yoga.

Paul’s approach to working with the body is through Somatics. This type of massage therapy can be described as a process of integral health where the individual is brought into a state of wholeness, harmony, and balance. Using an integrated methodology, we can control our response to stress and re-educate our body which increases physical and mental relaxation.

Paul has continued his education with courses in Oriental body work, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral, and myofacial release. Through his 30 plus years of offering body work he has worked with trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapy clinics. You will discover that Paul’s a most compassionate therapist.

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